Monday, June 7, 2010

Naming process

So what does "phoenicianrains" mean you ask? Well, technically it came from my old Xanga, but that's really neither here nor there. I adopted the mantra of the Phoenix a few years ago, because it symbolized reinvention, renewal, rebirth. That myth being of a bird that when it reaches the end of it's natural lifespan bursts into flames, and is reborn from it's own ashes - thereby rendering it immortal in regards to natural causes of death. In addition it's tears possess healing properties. So in my (sometimes twisted) way of thinking, rains caused or derived from a phoenix should also be healing (Plus let's face it, rain in Phoenix [the city] is always beneficial!). My first tattoo was of a stylized phoenix of my own design as well - perhaps that will be a post if I figure out a way to post or link to pics!

Little did I know how prophetic my adoption of this concept would turn out to be. But that's a post for another day!

Be well...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here it goes, here it goes again...

First off a big thanks to "Ok, go" for the title of this entry.  

Yikes and wow!  So I guess I created this blog a few (or several) months ago, and promptly forgot to write in it!  So here's a second attempt.

So I just moved back to MN two months ago (March 26 to be exact), and it's been....interesting.  I was fortunate enough to have a place to land from the get-go; a close friend from college KS had purchased a house in StP last September, then promptly split up with her fiancĂ© in November.  Fortunately she had been smart enough to get the house entirely in her name, so she kept the house in the split.  So I'm living with a GREAT friend while my recovery continues. 

At first mom and dad were coming down about once a week to ferry me to Dr.'s appt's (and so that my dad could do the medical interpreting for me), which of course was incredibly kind of them, but those of you who know me (really, KT is the only one reading this though) know that this tends to try my patience to say the least.  Thanks to good friends (JA for the most part) I was able to make it up to PT twice a week because out of their graciousness they were willing to ferry me up there.  Fortunately, two weeks ago I got a car!  Just an '02 Escape (black of course), but it has plenty of pep, gas mileage is decent and it gets me where I need to go.  I've named her Genevieve (Yes, I'm a bit of a dork, and yes, I'm an HGTV junkie).   So now I have wheels after a three year hiatus from driving, and it is much appreciated! 

I'm not currently working, which makes the most sense for the time being.  Because A) who knows if I'd still be employed considering economic conditions, and B) the thing I need to focus on right now is getting back to the me that I used to be.  So I spend a LOT of time at home [:-(], but at least I'm not having to beg a boss to be lenient with how odd my schedule has to be right now.

So now, after 2 incarnations on xanga, one on u-something or other (it's an old one), and I feel like there was a 4th one in there somewhere, I'm now on blogger.  I'll post some backstory later, but this is the new e-version of Mark James.  

Now that I've moved between states 5 times in 3 years, I'm home in MN again and it kind of feels like I might stay awhile.  We'll see though!  Here's to reinvention.

Hope everyone is well, and my best to all of you!